Dennis van der Sanden – Biography

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At the age of five Dennis discovers an old guitar in the attic of his grandmother. His curiosity in this instrument is wrought-up and he wants to take the instrument home. Three years later his interests take a serious move and Dennis learns the basics of playing the guitar.

Together with some schoolmates he starts a band, but this does not last for long, the musical interests of the young musicians differ too much and the band is discontinued.

In the same period Dennis gets acquainted with the music of Tommy Emmnuel cgp. Full of admiration Dennis tries to unravel Tommy’s work and when Tommy has a concert in Eindhoven, Dennis is able to meet him during a meet and greet. The meeting with Tommy leaves a huge impression on Dennis and it’s this moment where Dennis decides to learn fingerstyle guitar. Dennis buys his Maton EBG808TE, the same guitar as Tommy Emmanuel.

In February 2016  Dennis has his first performance ever and he loves his spot on stage. More performances follow, numerous Open Mic nights and smaller festivals.

At the end of 2016 Dennis gets to meet Tommy for the second time when he is performing in the “Stadsschouwburg” in Nijmegen. This time Dennis manages to play guitar with Tommy and they play “It’s Never Too Late” together.

Two weeks later Dennis attends Tommy’s masterclass at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam where Tommy invites Dennis to Rotterdam where Tommy has a performance at the New Luxor theater later that evening. In the dressing room of the theater Dennis and Tommy exchange their experiences and their passion for music. This is the beginning of a very special friendship and the musical carrier of Dennis.

2017 starts with a very special moment when Dennis gets invited by Tommy to join him on stage at 013 in Tilburg and together the play “El Vaquero” in front of a enthusiastic crowd of 1400 people. At the end of the show Dennis and Tommy meetup and Tommy invites Dennis to join the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention in Nashville in summer. In July Dennis travels to Nashville where he joins the world best fingerstyle guitarists at the convention. Dennis is enjoying his stay and there he earns his spot in the Young Thumbs, a group of very promising  young fingerstyle guitarists.

Back in the Netherlands Dennis sees his talents recognized and he gets invited twice to play at the studio of “Omroep Brabant”. Today Dennis finds himself amongst dutch best guitarists and is he accountable for two successful concerts.