Dennis van der Sanden

Dennis van der Sanden is a young guitar virtuoso from the Netherlands. Dennis has specialized himself  in fingerstyle guitar, a guitar playing technique in which the player plays the base notes, the harmony and melody at the same time. His inspiration is the Australian Master Guitarist Tommy Emmanuel cgp, with whom Dennis has had the opportunity to play on stage with several times. Nowadays Dennis finds himself amongst well known fingerstyle guitarists in the world and is being recognized for his guitar skills. During his concerts Dennis will play much of his own work as well as some of the classics by Tommy Emmanuel cgp or take you back in time with Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and Merle Travis. Dennis likes to talk about his musical career and he does that by making typical guitar jokes. With his soothing voice, he also manages to create a nice atmosphere. 

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“Dennis is a good young man who has music in his heart! ”  – Tommy Emmanuel cgp

“In the art of cooking there is the japanese word which does not have any translation. Umami, a taste unable to create using just the four basic flavours. You need people that can help you develop even further. However I have the impression that the group of people able to help you is shrinking and you need to find your own path. Thank you for the music you brought us.” – Robert Coolen

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In June I'm releasing my first album, you can already pre-order an unique copy through the reservation form. A pre-order copy will be personally signed by Dennis.